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 Planetside 2!

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PostSubject: Planetside 2!   Thu May 23, 2013 3:33 pm

Ok so Id like to show the game off for anyone who is interested. Sadly this game is best played with a large organized outfit. It just so happen though I am a member of one. We do our main operations during server prime time 7-11 pm M-F eastern. So that when Im going to try to organize when Id like to show the game off to you all. At this time what Im thinking of doing is getting us our own team speak channel on my outfits teamspeak where we can hear channel commander but won't have to be in OP's and won't be pressured to perform. In a way it will be a laid back group where I can show you the ins and out of the game but we can take advantage of the outfit and the no vehicle and air zones it creates.

What you will needs- 1# a mic (id really like to get everyone on here with one so we can communicate and organize.), #2 Team Speak- the in game voice client is really shitty and make some plps mics sound fine and others sound like shit., #3 Planetside 2- need the game to play.

Here is a snip it of us during OP's
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Planetside 2!
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