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 Kingdom Hearts Explained

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PostSubject: Kingdom Hearts Explained   Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:23 pm

From Bailey:

Let me be clear: I do enjoy Kingdom Hearts. I think it’s a good game. Kyle just has
discriminating tastes and we should all loathe him for that. The thing is, I enjoy this
game because you get to fight alongside Disney characters and combine them together
which to me is actually cool. I like the gameplay. But when I actually think about the
main plot, Organization XII, and most of the Final Fantasy characters it just gets one
thing, confusion. I still can not understand what the heck is happening and why there
is so much befuddlement. I know it all connects to light, darkness, and hearts, but as
Kyle said “What exactly is a heart?!” Uhhhhh who really knows for this game. You can
basically say a heart is everything since no one can really explain it. So here I go trying to
explain the story of the game. Can you understand it? I sorta can. (I do not know most or
all parts the games so bear with me. Plus I’m summarizing).

In a different world there are three friends. Ventus, Aqua, and Terra. Both Aqua and
Terra are training to become keyblade masters and must duel each other in the last course
to see who will win. However Terra is not able to control the darkness in him for a
second and loses making Aqua the new keyblade master. Angry by this Terra leaves
making Ventus search for him in different worlds which makes Aqua leave too. Stuff
happens and in the end Ventus becomes a bright soul thing and connects hearts with
Sora, making Sora able to control the keyblade…later on. Years later Sora grows older
and hangs out with his friends Riku and Kairi. They all are planning a trip to leave their
world. Why do they believe that is possible who knows. A storm appears the next night
and he goes out to the island to check on the raft. He then notices the island is covered
with the creatures he saw in his dreams. He isn’t able to fight them so he runs, finding
Riku. Riku claims the “door” has opened which is the door that connects the worlds. He
reaches out for Sora, but it’s too late. Riku is swallowed by umm darkness and gone.
Sora then realizes he can now use the keyblade. He also finds Kairi in where she blows
right through him. He too is blown away literally. When he wakes he finds out that his
home is destroyed and is finally sucked into a dark portal leading to Travis Town. Where
people who lose their worlds go. As all this is happening Donald and Goofy find out that
King Mickey has left and is trying to find out why the worlds are disappearing and they
need to find the “key”. They take the Gummi and head for Travis Town themselves. Blah
blah blah Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith explain things and they all meet. Sora, Donald, and
Goofy head for other worlds fighting Heartless looking for the King, Riku, and Kairi.
They meet Riku briefly, and Riku then believes he has found other friends and does not
care about him anymore. He joins the villains in finding the eight princess that will open
Kingdom Hearts while the heroes lock the worlds from darkness. More things and in the
end Riku calls himself Ansem and tries to cut out Kairi’s heart. Sora stops him. Ansem
escapes while the group pursues. He then becomes an older man for some crazy reason.
The heroes win and Mickey joins in telling them to lock the door to Kingdom Hearts for
good. They do so leaving Riku and the King inside. Kairi for some reason is separated
from Sora who claims he will come back to her someday. She then ends up on the island
waiting for him to return. I’m not sure what happens in the next game really. They begin
to walk down a road and decide to look for Riku and the King. They all find this castle
that ends up being to connected to them in some way. One man who is dress in black tells
him that “To find is to lose, to lose is to find.” Orrrr something like that. Sora revisits the
places he went to before trying to regain his memories he lost. In the end he meets

Namine who has been the one erasing his old ones after being told to. When asked if they
could have them back, she says she can put them back but they must sleep in these pod
looking things for some crazy reason. They will regain the memories but won’t
remember her so Jiminy writes down to thank Namine when the wake up. As this is
going on Sora’s nobody Roxas ,who looks like Ventus, is part of Organization XII. After
some stuff Ansem who is working with Diz knocks out Roxas and sends him to a made
up Twilight Town giving him fake memories of him being a regular kid on summer break
with friends. Isn’t that sorta sad? Anyway crazy stuff happens and he realizes from his ol
pal Axel that he is a nobody. Roxas doesn’t believe it until Namine explains it as well.
Diz is then angry she did that since her only job is to fix Sora’s memories again. She then
leaves unintentionally. Angry, Roxas then finds Sora in the pod and tells him he is lucky
and his vacation is over. Roxas disappears and Sora awakes to find his friends waiting for
him. Jiminy looks in his journal to see if he can find any clues but his book is blank
besides to words Thank Namine. They decide to look around and figure out where they
are. They meet a new enemy, Nobodies. They are relentless making the three weak from
fighting. King Mickey appears telling them to leave town and gives them money to go.
They meet Pete who says he sent heartless inside to turn Yen Sid into a heartless. They
meet Yen Sid who explains that the worlds are in danger again. Another adventure
happens which they discover the group of nobodies called Organization XII have been
using Sora to collect hearts to make Kingdom Hearts so they can became whole. What?
In the end they find out Riku has been in the darkness for a long time and Diz, the real
Ansem, found him and they worked together. Namine saves Kairi from Organization XII.
Namine suddenly is gone and everyone meets together to go find Xemnas, the leader of
Organization XII. Xemnas then uses Kingdom Hearts to control just about everything
basically. They split their ways and Riku and Sora finally destroy Xemnas, then end up in
the darkness. Their hearts unlock they way out of that darkness and end up on Destiny
Island with all their friends. A note comes from Mickey showing the journey is not over.

As I was reading this aloud I was being slain with laughter. My favorite part was when
Kyle had me repeat the second to last part once again and to listen to what I was saying.
Yep I must admit this thing is really silly and I didn’t mean to make it that way. Anyway
thanks for reading and as they would say in Kindom Hearts, A far off memory is like a
scattered dream, a scattered dream is like a far off memory. I want to line the pieces up,
yours and mine. And as Michael Scott would say, “What does that even mean? That is
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Kingdom Hearts Explained
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