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 Noelino's 3DS Contest is a GO!!

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PostSubject: Noelino's 3DS Contest is a GO!!    Mon Mar 28, 2011 1:41 pm

Hello hello my wonderful swarmy peeps! Noelino here to announce his next contest giveaway! Now as many as you know this contest will be for a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW NINTENDO 3DS (color will vary). But of course before I get into the details let me give you the legal restriction stuff. The restrictions are as follows:

Damages due to shipping error will be claimed with the mail carrier (i.e. USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) or the maker of the 3DS, I am not to be held responsible for delays after the package has been shipped or damages due to the shipping company mishandling the package or performing random screenings or any other actions with the package. I will also not be held responsible due to the system or games (if applicable) being defective. It is a new never been opened system and games (if applicable), and will be shipped to you that way. I will be putting insurance on the package when I send it to cover it in the event something does go wrong in shipping. Some shipping restrictions may apply (such as shipping to P.O. boxes). I will work out whatever I can to get the package to you, but sometimes shipping carriers don't deliver to P.O. Boxes. So be forewarned before you enter the contest. No returns! In the event the package is returned to me I will not re-ship it to you. I am also not responsible for user error with your new 3DS and games (if applicable). Once its in your hands its your responsibility. I reserve the right to cancel the contest for reasons of hardship (in case I am forced into a hardship type of situation such as; loss of job, terminal sickness, family death) Be forewarned! This contest is for a North American region 3DS! So understand that before entering the contest.
You agree to the following and subsequent restrictions before entering the contest. Anyone who fails to understand the restrictions does so at their own risk. I will not be held responsible for people that don't understand the restrictions above.

Now that the legal stuff is outta the way lets get to how you enter this contest. Because this contest is a Noelino Channel exclusive I will open it up to everyone! That includes you international peeps that didn't get to enter the first contest. Be forewarned! This contest is for a North American region 3DS! So understand that before entering the contest.

So here is how you enter: Email me at with your full name, email address (a valid one I can reach you at, in case you win so I can get your shipping info), and a paragraph about your most fond gaming memory. This contest is a random drawing so your writing will not hold any stake in whether you win or not, I just want to know a little more about the people entering the contest!

The drawing for the contest will happen, most likely live, on my channel on April 27th 2011 in the afternoon sometime. It will be names drawn outta a hat unless I can find a random name picker thingy from the interwebtubes.

Now as before there is some extra goodies you can win if enough people enter the contest. If 50 people enter the contest I will include 1 FREE 3DS game with the system. If 100 people enter I will include 2 FREE 3DS games with the system. The same restrictions apply to the games as do with the system. So get on the Twitter and Facebooker and get your friends involved in this contest!

That's about all I got for your Swarmy Guys, Gals, and Princesses! Good luck with the contest and come see me at my channel play terribly at games! I look forward to seeing you there! Until next time folks this is Noelino signing off!
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Noelino's 3DS Contest is a GO!!
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